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GK+ Business Website Solutions featuring CMS+

We can improve your online business presence with more than just a website. Harness the power, reliability and convenience of our web-based business management solutions including solutions customized to the need of each of our clients.

 offers tools that allow you to create a user-friendly and feature-rich website for your business to effectively attract and support both new and existing customers.

Make it right -- and make it easy
The Royal Regina Golf Club began using Golf Solution Plus in 2004. During their first year with this system they saved more than $18,000 in postage and printing costs alone.  Snce then they continue to save operational costs while improving  servrice and communication with their members and guests.We've all seen websites that remain the same day after day, year after year. 

The simple fact is that it\'s either too expensive, or too complex, to manage a website using traditional tools or contract-based webmaster arrangements.  Our product makes it easy for you or your staff to effectively and instantly manage your website. We incorporate your existing daily operations so they integrate with your website, to help improve your business. 

 CMS+ (Content Management System +) is a user-friendly and powerful website management system that offers the ability to instantly update text, images, and other important information published on your website.  It is also the starting point of our modular design allowing you to incorporate any of our numerous pre-developed modules or add any custom business solutions you may require.  Imagine updating your website with a few simple keystrokes, or changing pictures in seconds.  Imagine adding interactive features to engage your customers and visitors.  And then imagine your website doing everything it can do for you and your customers.  We can turn your imagination into reality.  Click here for a listing of our most popular modules and remember that if you don't see it, we can build it.

As easy as...

At the heart of CMS+ is our rich, graphical HTML editor. You manage your site without the need for additional software or specialized training.  With a single click, you can instantly edit any of the information on your website, add new images, publish PDF or other files, create links to other pages on your site (or other websites) and much more.  The illustration below shows the rich, yet friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily keep information on your website current and up-to-date for visitors.

An assortment of unique features

In addition to the user friendly HTML editor, CMS+ provides numerous additional features that give you complete control over your website.  The list below includes some of the highlights included with every CMS+ website we produce that makes our product unique in the market:

  1. A comprehensive staff, customer and company database is an integral element of every system.
  2. User-defined security settings control access to each page as well as each feature offered by your website.
  3. User controlled menu admininistration interface provides the ability to add, edit, or remove navigation menu items at any time.
  4. Unlimited flexibility in graphical layout and design, allowing CMS+ to work with virtually any existing website design. We can also create a complete new design suitable for your business.
  5. Secure, worldwide e-Commerce and online payment options are available to facilitate online sales transactions.for your products, services or events
  6. Template-driven output ensures consistency to maintain a professional appearance throughout the website.
  7. Multiple visual templates can be created and used where distinct visual looks are required within different sections of a website.
Learn More

We welcome your inquiries, and would love to give you a tour "behind the scenes" to show you just how easy it can be to manage your website.  Feel free to contact us, or get a head-start by registering on our website. Additional functionality will become available to you immediately when you sign in.  We would also be happy to provide a personal demonstration of our products for you with absolutely no cost or obligation to you.  Call us Toll-Free at 1-877-820-7509 when you are ready to explore further.