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Municipal Board Services

Gord Krismer & Associates has been providing services to municipalites since 1996.  We are the first provider of professional board services in Saskatchewan and have extensive knowledge in the legislation, standards and case history involving property assessment, local improvements, planning and development, and more.

We began by providing tax modelling for municipalities when the legislation changed in 1996 that introduced the concpet of a base tax, or minimum tax for land and improvements in a municipality.  We also provided property assessment review and consulting to individual and corporate property owners who suspected their properties were over-assessed.

Subsequent changes to the legislation and appeals process shifted our focus to provide Appeals Board services to municipalites throughout Saskatchewan.  Today, we are a leading provider of Board of Revision, Development Appeals Board and Local Improvements Board to municipalities thorughout Saskatchewan.  Our board members have more than 100 years of experience with assessment, local improvement and development procedures and related legislation.